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Conscious awakenings through awareness

Cascading Illuminations by Carole Harrison

I am relisting this painting that I had added to my website last year, realising that

it wasn't finished, I painted again  and I now feel it is complete.  Renaming it Cascading Illuminations instead of Waterfall magic.  My intension of my art is to first please me

and then to inspire those who look at it to feel, what it is that I feel when I am fed by

a good book.  My mentors are such wonderful authors as Eckert Tolle, Guy Finley,

Richard Bach, Kahlil Gibran,  Jerry Hirschfield, Gary Zukav etc.  I could go on and on--

Carole Harrison 

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The fountain of youth is being present in the now.

Presence-fountain of youth

I am adding this painting  to my website feeling this will

bring to light what the fountain of youth  really is.   The

wonderful book  The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

is able to help a spirit find its way back to the presence it

so longs for.

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Ascension mandala 2012

Ascension Mandala 2012

Ascension mandala 2012
This painting was inspired by the prophets,.Nostradamus, Merlin, The Mayas etc.
who all tell of the same event happening on December 21, 2012.  It will
happen in the center of the milky way in our Galaxy-- in our presence...

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Horn of plenty/cosmic cornucopia

Infinite Source

This is how I choose to see things
How blessed we are
We are only limited by thought
Thank you Father

My interpretation of cosmic cornucopia is: 

 Everything that ever has been or ever will BE is manifested from our intention/ connection  within the cosmos taking 3d form in our illusory reality, through an energy vortex.  There is no lack or limitation(only in the fear based (EGO).

Carole Harrison


This is a cosmic cornucopia or maybe

 better known as horn of plenty!

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Birth of Illumination

This is going to be the inaugural event of the art+muzik meetup group, with all kind of artists--poets,
musicians, singers and  fine art artisans.  This event is being held at the Open Tap Grill at
1446 South Broadway in Denver, Colo. on May 31st. from noon till 9:00pm.  This should be fun and
I think it will catch on.  We can bring art that is already finished or we can work on the paintings there.
There are seven different musical groups that will play on the front and back patios and $3.00 beer cans 
and $1.50 hot dogs and $3.00 burgers.  I am a participating artist and I am really looking forward to
meeting other artists and enjoying the atmosphere.  If you can make it we will see you there.

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Connection by C. Harrison

My paintings are painted with third eye perspective, drawing
the viewer into the depth of the painting allowing them to  explore
and feel the adventure within.  The spirit of the viewer makes a
connection with the energy and is able to see with the third eye.
C. Harrison

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The Wow Show

Through every point of view by C. Harrison

I have been juried into the Wow Show at Core New Art Space
at 900 SanteFe Drive Denver.  The two paintings I entered were
Through every point of view and Beginning, these two paintings
are in my string  theory series..  I am pretty excited, this is
the first show since I have gotten back with my painting.  If you can
come on down there for the reception it is Feb. 13th from 6-9.  WOW

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Paintings of the cosmos

Transition by C. Harrison

I have been working on four new paintings that are of the Cosmos and  Universe,
I have truly loved  painting this series.  I always enjoy painting no matter what
the subject matter is or what the medium is, but this series is very special to
me because I have always been facinated by the stars,  Gallaxies, black holes,
milky way, planets and the myths of the Gods.  I will stay with this series for awhile,
it is food for my spirit.

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KARMA what goes around-comes around

KARMA what goes around -comes around
I have a series of paintings that are of the cosmos, some which are inspired by pictures captured by the NASA Hubble spacecraft others just from imagination.  This one is inspired by the pictures from the Hubble.  I am drawn to the spiritual realm and let the energy of the universe flow through my brush and I choose to name my paintings with a play on the word and its many meanings. 
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The answer

We walk the same path

If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.

---Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you
to give the reason for the hope that you have.
1 Peter 3:15 NIV

This was on my daily calender this morning, and it seemed most fitting. 
My goals are in order and  my intentions are clear and now I let it go
and let it be. 
                                                                  C. Harrison

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